Jo Dorsett - Industrial Designer

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Refuse Into Resources

Refuse Into Resources

The organicAMI line of appliances was invented and developed to ensure that organic refuse is separated from recyclable materials and water resources.

organicAMI has processes for separating food scraps from industrial/household trash. There are free standing and built in devices. All models of the organicAMIare manufactured through a partnership between environmentally conscientious industrial designers and mechanical engineers. Through a patented spinning process, H2O is removed from the food scraps before they are wrapped and hermetically sealed in ASTM 6400,bio-degradable, compostable film. This film will be available in custom degradation cycle levels.  For Industrial purposes, we have contracted with the manufacturer of industry accepted 28 day commercially compostable film.

We actively promote the reuse and total use of resources…organicAMI is committed to providing appliances that promote clean water and efficient use of all materials… The organicAMI line of appliances incorporate processes separate, drain, and package organic food refuse, while minimizing odor and inconvenience. Our patents cover variable processes, built-in, stand-alone, and feature specific devices.